Founded by Gökhan Talay in 2008, the brand GOKHAN TALAY carries out both designing and manufacturing processes together which is one of our distinctive qualities.

The journey, which started with passion about shoes, now brought us to a brand which offers divers solutions for special needs of our customers in our 720 m² footwear factory. In the years that followed, we started to design and supply shoes for some of the leading footwear retailers.
At 2010 we have opened our Gokhan Talay Couture Shop in Izmir which gives custom made, made-to-measure high-end shoes services. Beside being created special designs for the creations of many famous fashion designers and we took place as a brand in many national and international events such as Mercedes Benz Fashion Week.
Within the process, we have opened our Online Store 5 years ago in line with the interests we have seen as a brand and the requests from our customers and we started to serve with collections which are specially designed and produced for our online store.

Thanks to our global vision in the branding process, today we export to countries like Germany, Africa, Ireland, Italy. 
With the aim of being a global brand, we are on the same platforms with the international brands which are leading in the sector.

As a brand, we offer internship and job opportunities to high school and university students and we train new employees for the industry.